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White-tipped Dove

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White-tipped DoveLeptotila verreauxi
  • ORDER: Columbiformes
  • FAMILY: Columbidae

Basic Description

The White-tipped Dove is the most widespread dove in the Americas. It is an unobtrusive bird typically found on the ground in woodlands. In the United States, it occurs only in southernmost Texas, where it frequents woodlands along the lower Rio Grande Valley. Unlike many other doves, it does not flock, instead foraging singly or in pairs, walking along on the ground or low vegetation in search of seeds and berries. Their low cooing, like the sound of blowing on a bottle, is often heard before they are seen.

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Range map provided by Birds of the World
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Find This Bird

To find White-tipped Doves in the United States, take an early morning or late afternoon walk on quiet trails in a state park or national wildlife refuge in southernmost Texas. Watch for them walking quietly on the ground, or flushing suddenly upwards to perch briefly on a low tree branch. They also sometimes come to bird feeding stations in places with seed scattered on the ground.

Other Names

  • Paloma Montaraz Común (Spanish)
  • Colombe de Verreaux (French)

Backyard Tips

To attract White-tipped Doves, try scattering small seeds on the ground or placing seed on a low platform feeder.

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