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White-crowned Pigeon

Silhouette PigeonsPigeons
White-crowned PigeonPatagioenas leucocephala
  • ORDER: Columbiformes
  • FAMILY: Columbidae

Basic Description

The debonair White-crowned Pigeon is a large, slate-gray pigeon with a neat white cap and striking white eyes. Widespread around the Caribbean, it crosses into southernmost Florida, where it feeds on fruit in trees near the coast and on islands, including the Keys. White-crowned Pigeons make long-distance morning and evening flights high over open water between islands, as they commute from mangrove forests to areas with fruiting fig and other tropical fruit trees.

More ID Info
image of range map for White-crowned Pigeon
Range map provided by Birds of the World
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Find This Bird

These dark gray pigeons blend in well to the dark foliage of trees where they forage, so scan carefully through tree canopies early in the morning to find them. Trees with ripe fruit including figs, gumbo-limbo, blolly, poisonwood, and ironwood are likely places. Watch for them high in the sky in the early morning and late in the day as they commute between roosting and foraging areas.

Other Names

  • Paloma Coronita (Spanish)
  • Pigeon à couronne blanche (French)
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