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Sedge Wren

ID Info
Silhouette WrensWrens
Sedge WrenCistothorus stellaris
  • ORDER: Passeriformes
  • FAMILY: Troglodytidae

Basic Description

The tiny Sedge Wren is so well camouflaged it looks like a fragment of marsh come to life. These short-billed, russet-brown birds live in wet fields and shallow marshes, leaving deeper, reedier areas to their close relative the Marsh Wren. Their reputation as shy, furtive birds reflects this dense habitat, where they spend much of their time out of sight, foraging for insects and spiders on or near the ground. The song is simple compared to many other wrens: a few dry chips followed by a trill.

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Find This Bird

Sedge Wrens breed in wet fields and shallow upland marshes with scattered bushes. In early morning and late afternoon, they’re fairly common and easy to find in the right habitat—listen for the distinctive trilling song and look for individuals among marsh plants, in bushes, or on low fence lines. They are notorious late nesters, sometimes arriving at a nesting site as late as July. Try “pishing” or imitating the call note to coax them out of hiding.

Other Names

  • Cucarachero Culibarrado (Spanish)
  • Troglodyte à bec court (French)
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