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Canyon Wren

ID Info
  • Canyon Wren
  • Canyon Wren
  • Canyon Wren  video
Silhouette WrensWrens
Canyon WrenCatherpes mexicanus
  • ORDER: Passeriformes
  • FAMILY: Troglodytidae

Basic Description

A tiny bird with a big voice, the Canyon Wren sings a gorgeous series of sweet, cascading whistles that echo off the rocky walls of its canyon habitat. Canyon Wrens are incredibly agile birds that hunt for insects mostly among rocks, scaling cliff faces and using their long, slender bills to probe into crevices with surgical precision. They are a rich cinnamon-brown, with a salt-and-pepper pattern on the head and a neat white throat patch.

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Find This Bird

Canyon Wrens can be quite common in dry, rocky canyons of western North America. Listen for their loud song, which is so sweet and musical that it grabs the attention of non-birders and birders alike. The birds themselves blend well with their surroundings—watch canyon walls and other steep rocky surfaces patiently until a small, active bird bounces into view.

Other Names

  • Cucarachero Barranquero (Spanish)
  • Troglodyte des canyons (French)
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