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Red-faced Warbler

ID Info
Silhouette WarblersWarblers
Red-faced WarblerCardellina rubrifrons
  • ORDER: Passeriformes
  • FAMILY: Parulidae

Basic Description

The startlingly pretty Red-faced Warbler is a mix of gray, black, and fire-engine red. Mainly a bird of high-elevation coniferous forests, its core range is in Mexico but it breeds as far north as Arizona and New Mexico. It forages among branches and needles fairly high in the trees, but makes its nest in a depression on the ground. Its narrow range and preference for mature forests makes it vulnerable to logging in the region, and for these reasons it's included on the Partners in Flight Yellow Watch List.

More ID Info
image of range map for Red-faced Warbler
Range map provided by Birds of the World
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Find This Bird

Red-faced Warblers are relatively common in mature forests above about 6,500 feet elevation. Look for undisturbed, fairly open stands and listen for the male’s cheerful-sounding song. Watch patiently at middle and upper levels in the trees to spot these birds foraging among slender branches. Look for flashes of white as foraging birds flick their tails open to scare insects into movement. They are in the U.S. only during the breeding season.

Other Names

  • Reinita Carirroja (Spanish)
  • Paruline à face rouge (French)
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