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Squirrel Cuckoo

Silhouette CuckoosCuckoos
Squirrel CuckooPiaya cayana
  • ORDER: Cuculiformes
  • FAMILY: Cuculidae

Basic Description

The Squirrel Cuckoo is a spectacular large cuckoo of the New World tropics, with rich rufous upperparts, a striking yellow or red eyering, a lime-green bill, and a remarkably long tail. Despite its size, this species nimbly navigates trees in forests and woodlands, hopping along branches like a squirrel and bounding from perch to perch in search of caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other insects. Squirrel Cuckoos call infrequently, but their loud calls, especially an explosive “keek! wahh” can be helpful in locating them.

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Other Names

  • Cuco Ardilla Común (Spanish)
  • Piaye écureuil (French)
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