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Eurasian Blue Tit

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Eurasian Blue TitCyanistes caeruleus
  • ORDER: Passeriformes
  • FAMILY: Paridae

Basic Description

Beautifully adorned in soft blue and yellow tones, Eurasian Blue Tits are delightful denizens of woodlands, parks, and backyard gardens, where they are familiar sights at bird feeders and nest boxes. These energetic little birds call frequently as they move about trees, acrobatically probing leaves and branches for adult insects and larvae. They're curious and intelligent, too: in the 1900s, some enterprising Eurasian Blue Tits learned how to puncture the tops of home-delivered milk bottles to drink the cream at the top.

More ID Info
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Other Names

  • Herrerillo Común (Spanish)
  • Mésange bleue (French)
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