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Cassin's Vireo

ID Info
Silhouette VireosVireos
Cassin's VireoVireo cassinii
  • ORDER: Passeriformes
  • FAMILY: Vireonidae

Basic Description

A subtly handsome songbird with a bold white eyering, Cassin’s Vireo sings a loud, burry song while foraging slowly through the lower and middle parts of trees. It breeds in dry, open forests of far western North America. Outside the breeding season, this species often joins mixed-species flocks of woodland birds. Until 1997, Cassin’s Vireo was lumped with Blue-headed and Plumbeous Vireos into a single species called Solitary Vireo. Cassin’s is less colorful than Blue-headed but richer in olive tones than the mostly gray Plumbeous.

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Cassin’s Vireo nests in many open woodlands, from coastal forests to woodlands near treeline. Listen for its halting, rising-and-falling song, with its distinctly burry tone. The species also frequently makes a loud, fussing call, rendering it a fairly conspicuous bird within its habitat. Cassin’s Vireos forage at fairly low levels, on the outer parts of trees, so spotting one can be easy. This species is readily attracted to pishing sounds.

Other Names

  • Vireo de Cassin (Spanish)
  • Viréo de Cassin (French)
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